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25th Nebraska State OTD's CCO

July 16, 2011

CASI Red (22 Entries)

1st Charmain Sterkel

2nd Kyle Haberman

3rd Brooke Dollarhide

4th Mike Dallas

5th Traci Collins

6th Tim Gonzales

7th Mike Horton

8th Cindy Misner

9th Mike Adkins

10th Judy Haberman


1st Scott Harris

2nd Mike Adkins

3rd Robin Darnall

Junior Division

1st Melissa Clem


Open Bean (18 Entries)

1st Jeff Brunner

2nd Robin Darnall

3rd Robert Ledet

4th Kyle Haberman

5th Cindy Misner

6th Mike Adkins

7th Albert Salazr

8th Kevin Strauch

9th Rusty Tyler

10th Linda Harris

Green chili (17 Entries)

1st Dustin Bauer

2nd Mike Horton

3rd Tim Gonzales

4th AJ Green

5th Doug Evelyn

6th Traci Collins

7th Dawn Ledet

8th Lindsey Silverman

9th Jerry Arnold

10th Jimmy Rice

Open beef (11 Entries)

1st Brooke Dollarhide

2nd Todd Menghni

3rd Robert Ledet

4th Kevin Kissler

5th Cindy Misner

6th Bob Ledet

7th Jerry Arnold

8th Scott Harris

9th Dawn Ledet

10th AJ Green

Peoples Choice

Rusty Tyler




  1. Kyle Haberman

  2. Linda Harris

  3. Scott Harris

  4. Dorothy Evelyn

  5. Doug Evelyn

  6. Daryl Kunzi

  7. Betty Barker

  8. Robin Darnall

  9. Kevin Struach

10. Jimmy Rice


1. Jamaican Me Hot - Robin Darnall

2. Hot Trottin - Scott Harris

3. White Knuckle Chili - Kyle Haberman


1. Kevin Struach

2. Jimmy Rice

3. Robin Darnall



Nebraska State OTD's CCO July 17, 2010

1st     Clay Hughey
2nd    Tricia Hughey
3rd     Kyle Haberman
4th     Mike Rooney
5th     Mike Horton
6th      Dustin Ludwig
7th      Dorothy Evelyn
8th     Shawn Misner
9th   Shermaine Sterkel
10th   Doug Evelyn
1st    Scott Harris
2nd   Cathy Griffith
3rd   Sara  Arnold
Junior Division
1st   Abigail Kunzi
Open Bean 

1st     Tammy Bennett

2nd    Jerry Arnold

3rd    Clay Hughey

4th    Robin Darnall

5th    Tricia Hughey

6th    Linda Harris

7th    Kevin Strauch

8th    Daryl Kunzi

9th    Mike Dallas

10th  Rusty Tyler


Green chili 

1st     Linda Harris

2nd    Anna Hoffelder

3rd    Unclaimed

4th    Mike Dallas

5th    Dustin Ludwig

6th    Mike Adkins

7th    Traci Collins

8th    Tim Gonzales

9th    Cathy Griffith

10th  Bob Ledet


Open beef 

1st  Scott Harris

2nd  Bob Ledet

3rd  Todd Menghini

4th  Daryl Kunzi

5th  Robert Ledet

6th  Jerry Arnold

7th  Shawn Misner

8th   Sara Arnold

9th   Cindy Misner

10th Kevin Kissler


Peoples Choice

Aurelio Godina

Winter Chili Cook Off and Polka Fest April 10, 2010

1st Mike Dallas
2nd Linda Harris
3rd Kevin Strauch
4th Kyle Haberman
5th Rocky Kimball
6th Scott Harris
7th Daryl Kunzi
8th Traci Collins
9th Judy Haberman
10th Steve Linn
1st Scott Harris
2nd Marjie Farin
3rd Kyle Haberman
Open Chili
1st Steve Lee
2nd Mike Dallas
3rd Kyle Haberman

Nebraska State OTD's CCO July 11th 2009



1. Robin Darnall, Harrisburg, NE

2. Jerry Arnold, Scottsbluff, NE

3. Mike Dallas, Cheyenne, WY

4. Amanda Clyde, Box Elder, SD 

5. Mike Horton, Omaha, NE 

6. Darryl Kunzi, Box Elder, SD

7. Steve Lee, Longmont, CO

8. Greg Gonzales, Lincoln, NE

9 Unclaimed

10. Tim McLaughin, Gering, NE



1. Eye Poppn' chili, Cathy Griffith, Cheyenne, WY 

2. Hot Trottn'  Scott Harris, Scottsbluff, NE

3. Lonesome Drovers, Bob Blackburn, Mitchell, NE


Jr. Division

1. Shawn Clyde, Box Elder, SD

2. Anthony Shaw, Scottsbluff 

3. Megan Coffman, Scottsbluff



1. Steve Lee, Longmont, CO

2. Anna Hoffelder, Laramie, WY

3. Linda Harris, Scottsbluff, NE

4. Bill Britton, Laramie, WY

5. Darryl Kunzi, Box Elder, SD

6.Rick Kahn, Hot Springs, SD

7. Cathy Griffith, Cheyenne, WY

8. Mike Horton, Omaha, NE

9. Tim Gonzales, Scottsbluff, NE

10. Tracy Collins, Cheyenne, WY


Open Bean

1. Bob Blackburn, Mitchell, NE

2. Linda Harris, Scottsbluff, NE

3. Phillip Encina, Gering, NE

4. Steve Sorok, Scottsbluff, NE

5. Mike Adkins, Morrill, NE

6. Doug Kenick, Gering, NE

7. Jerry Arnold, Scottsbluff, NE

8. Makayla Castro, Scottsbluff, NE

9. Bob Ledet, Cheyenne, WY 

10 Amanda Clyde, Box Elder, SD


1. Scott Harris, Scottsbluff, NE

2.  Robert Ledet, Cheyenne, WY

3. Jerry Arnold, Scottsbluff, NE

4. Tim McLaughin, Gering, NE

5. Sara Arnold, Scottsbluff, NE

6. Bob Ledet, Cheyenne, WY

7 A.J. Green, Gering, NE

8 Todd Mengini, Gering, NE

9. Shawn Misner, Gering, NE 

10. Cindy Misner, Gering, NE 


Peoples Choice

Chili Divas, Sue Wengler & Della Huckfelt, Gering, NE



Mitchell Concert in Park CCO June 27th 2009

1. Scott Harris,
2. Kyle Haberman
3. Daryl Kunzi
4. Judy Haberman
5. Amanda Clyde
6. Norm Haberman
7. Ivy Lunbery
8. Linda Harris
9. Kevin Haberman
10. Susie Haberman
1. Amanda Clyde
2.Linda Harris
3. Ivy Lunbery
4.Daryl Kunzi
5. Kyle Haberman
6. Norm Haberman
7. Susie Haberman
1. Choo Choo Chili  Daryl Kunzi
2. Hot Trottin  Scott Harris
3. White Knuckle Chili Kyle Haberman

 Pepe's Pod Winter CCO and Polkafest April 18th 2009


1.  Linda Wilkenson

2. Lyman Wilkenson

3. Judy Haberman   

4. Kyle Haberman

5. Steve Linn

6. Steve Lee

7. Linda Harris

8. Bob Blackburn

9. Scott Harris

10. Darrell from South Dakota



1. Steve Lee

2. Scott Harris

3. Kyle Haberman



1. Scott Harris Hot Trottn'

2. Darrell  Choo Choo Chili

3. Kyle Haberman  White Knucle Chili

Nebraska State OTD's CCO July 12th 2008



1. Steve Lee Longmont Co
2. Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff
3. Stephanie Lee Longmont, CO
4. Mike Horton
5. Anna Hoffelder, Laramie
6. Bob Blackburn
7. Don Webber Livingston TX
8. Suzy Webber Livingston, TX
9. Ken Davis Morrill
10. Mike Brunner, Scottsbluff

Top Three Nebraska Qualifiers for Terilingua, TX 
1. Kyle Haberman
2. Mike Horton
3. Bob Blackburn


1st Hot Trottn' Scott and Linda Harris
2nd Lonsome Drovers, Bob Blackburn and Steve Sorak
3rd Praire Fire Jerry Arnold and Sara Hain

Open Bean
1. Steve Sorak
2. Mike Horton
3. Sara Hain Scottsbluff
4. Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff
5. Mrs. Brunner
6. Jerry Arnold, Scottsbluff
7. Unclaimed
8. Khristina Jauch Morrill
9. Linda Harris
10. Mike Atkins

Green Chili
1. Steve Lee Longmont Co
2. Bill Britton Laramie Wy
3. Anna Hoffelder Laramie Wy
4. Linda Harris
5. Don Webber, Livingston TX
6. Unclaimed
7. Mike Horton
8. Tim Gonzales
9. The Chili Divas, Della Huckfeldt, Sue Weneler
10. Aurelio Godina Scottsbluff

Open Beef
1. Shawn Misner
2. Gay Hill
3. Todd Minginhi
4. Unclaimed
5. Scott Harris
6. Kevin Misner
7. Cindy Misner
8. Jerry Arnold
9. Sara Hain
10. Mike Kroom

People's Choice
Chili Diva's, Della Huckfeldt, Sue Weneler

2nd Annaual Mitchell Concert in the Park Chili Cook Off


CASI Red Chili

1. Steve Lee, Longmont, CO

2. Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff, NE

3. Stephanie Lee, Longmont, CO

4. Norm Haberman, Mitchell, NE

5. Richard Davis, Morrill, NE

6. Bob Blackburn, Mitchell, NE

7. Khrstina Jauch, Morrill, NE

8. Ken Davis, Morrill, NE

9. Judy Haberman, Scottsbluff, NE

10. Steve Sorok, Scottsbluff, NE


1. Lonesome Drovers, Bob Blackburn Mitchell, NE & Steve Sorok Scottsbluff, NE

2. White Knuckle Chili, Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff, NE

3. Hot Trottin, Scott Harris, Scottsbluff, NE

Open Chili

1. Linda Harris, Scottsbluff, NE

2. Khristina Jauch, Morrill, NE

3. Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff, NE

2008 9th annaul Pepe's Pod Winter cook off and PolkaFest


1. Rocky Kimball

2. Judy Haberman

3. Kyle Haberman

4. Tom Parish

5. Lyman Wilkinson

6. Julia Kimball

7. Steve Linn

8. Richard Davis

9. Mary Ann Parish

10. Karen Hndricks


1. Scott Harris, Hot Trottin' Chili

2. Bill Brittan, The Mavericks

3. Sara Hain, Prairie Fire

Open Chili

1. Ray Richards

2. Kyle Haberman

3. Steve Linn

2007 Oregon Trail Day’s Nebraska State Open Chili Cook Off Results

1. Steve Lee
2. Kyle Haberman
3. Judy Haberman
4. Shaun Meisner
5. Cheryl Rupp
6. Sarah Hain
7. Tim Gonzals
8. Amy Rupp
9. Jerry Arnold
10. Richard Davis
1."Bahama Mamma's"  Cheryl Rupp
2."Hot Trottin'"  Scott Harris
3."Warriors of the Crimson Peppers"  Steve Lee
1. Steve Lee
2. Tim Gonzales
3. Bill Britton
4. Mike Horton
5. Linda and Scott Harris
6. Bob Ledet
7.Sarah Hain
8. Jerry Arnold
Open Beef
1. Shaun Meisner
2. Robert Ledet
3. Kevin Meisner
4.  Bob Ledet
5. Sarah Hain
6. Jerry Arnold
7. Todd Mengehry
8. Alice Rossignol
Open Bean
1. Amy Rupp
2. Ray Richards
3. Jeff Bruner
4.  Della Huckfeldt and Sue Wengle
5. Shaun Meisner
6. Cindy Meisner
7. Jerry Arnold
8. Robert Ledet
9. Sarah Hain
People's Choice Red Chili
Chad Knotts

1st Annual Mitchell Concert in the Park Chili and Rib Cook Off

Red Chili

1. Amy Rupp, Gering NE

2. Cheryl Rupp, Gering NE

3. Dwayne Davis, Morrill NE

4. Norm Haberman, Mitchell NE

5. Scott Harris, Scottsbluff, NE

6. Andy Cook, Gering NE

7. Judy Haberman, Scottsbluff NE

8. Mike Jay, Mitchell NE

9. Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff NE

10. Susie Haberman, Mitchell NE


1. White Knuckle Chili, Kyle Haberman,

Scottsbluff NE

2. Scott's Hot Trottin', Scott Harris, Scottsbluff,


3. Bahama Mama's, Cheryl Rupp, Gering NE


1. Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff NE

2. Bob Ledet, Cheyenne, WY

3. Mike Jay, Mitchell NE


8th Annual Winter Chili Cook Off and Polka Fest held Saturday February17th 2007

1. Steve Lee 
2. Paul Snyder
3. Kyle Haberman
4. Brent Klingforth
5. Stephanie Lee
6. Steve Linn
7. Cheryl Rupp
8. Robert Batie
9. Lyman Wilkinson
10. Linda Wilkinson
Open Chili
1. Steve Lee
2. William Britton
3. Josh McAlpine
1. Scott Harris...Scott's Hot Trottin' Chili
2. Cheryl Rupp...Bahama Momma's
3. Kyle Haberman...White Knuckle Chili

1st Annual Old World Cook Off  held September 23rd 2006 


1. Linda Wilkinson Loveland, CO

2. Steve Lee Longmont, CO

3. Kyle Haberman Scottsbluff, NE

4. Stephanie Lee Morrison, CO

5. Robert Batie Loveland, CO

6. Norm Haberman Mitchell, NE

7. Lyman Wilkinson Loveland, CO

8. Christi Batie Loveland, CO

9. Mike Bernhart Scottsbluff, NE

10. Susie Haberman Mitchell, NE


1. Warriors of the Crimson Pepper – Steve Lee Longmont, CO

2. Prairie Fire - Jerry Arnold/ Sara Hein Scottsbluff NE

3. White Knuckle Chili - Kyle Haberman Scottsbluff NE

Open Chili

1. Kyle Haberman Scottsbluff, NE

2. Steve Lee Longmont, CO

3. Jerry Arnold Scottsbluff, NE

2006 Oregon Trail Day's Nebraska State CASI Chili Cook Off


1. Andrea Aerison, Scottsbluff, NE

2. Mike Horton, Omaha, NE

3.Mike Parker, Trinidad, CO

4. Lyman Wilkinson, Loveland, CO

5. Cheryl Rupp, Gering, NE

6.Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff, NE

7. Cindy Meisner,

8. Teresa Casadas, Alliance, NE

9. Debi Crookshank, Trinidad, CO

10. Linda Wilkinson, Loveland, Co


1. Bill Britton Laramie, WY

2. Bob Ledet Cheyenne WY

3. Teresa Casados Alliance, NE

4. Mike Horton Omaha, NE

5. Sara Knudsen/Emily Gompert

6. Greg Reese Cheyenne, WY

7. Dustin Ludwig Torrington, WY

8. Kevin Kisler

9. Jeanie Reese Cheyenne, WY

10. Eric Bradac

Open Bean

1. Cheryl Rupp Gering, NE

2.Andrea Aerison Scottsbluff, NE

3. Sara Hain Scottsbluff, NE

4. Kyle Haberman Scottsbluff, NE

5. Cindy Meisner

6. Steve Ruhl

7. Eric & Derrick Swanson

8. Linda Harris

9. Sue Wengler / Della Huckfelt

10. Teresa Casados Alliance, NE

Open Beef

1. Scott Swanson

2. Bob Ledet Cheyenne WY

3.Bruce Rodisel

4. Kevin Meisner

5. Dan Dickinson

6. Todd Minginney

7. Mike Cox

8. Bob  Ledet Cheyenne WY

9. Tim McLaughlin

10. Teresa Casados Alliance, NE


1. Prairie Fire, Sarah Hain Scottsbluff, NE

2. Scott's Hot Trottin Chili, Scott Harris

3. Wild Willies Hot Damn Chili, Bill Britton Laramie, WY

People's Choice

Sue Wengler


2005 Oregon Trail Day’s Nebraska State Open Chili Cook Off Results

9.  Cindy Misner / Screamin Green Chili / Gering

8.  Bob Ledet / Ghetto / Wyoming
7.  Kevin Kisler / Meat Eaters / Gering
6.  Sara Hain / Little Green Dragon / Scottsbluff
5.  Mike Horton / Smokey Top/ Omaha
4.  Kirk Swanson / Kirk's Kick Ass Chili / Colorado
3.  Jeanie Rees / Mom's Revenge / Wyoming
2.  Greg Rees / Donner Pass / Wyoming\
1.  Steven Lee / Dragons Green Breath / Colorado

7.  Mike Brunner / G Town Beef / Gering
6.  Bob Ledet / Ghetto / Wyoming
5.  Robert C. Ledet / LD's Cowboy Thunder Chili/   
4.  Jerry Arnold / Cutters Cowboy Chili / WY
3.  Mike Jay / Wildcat Chili / Mitchell
2.  Dan Dickinson / Brown Sugar Stew / Gering
1.  Scott Swanson / Scott's World Famous Prime /

10.  Jerry Arnold & Sara Hain / Cutters Cowboy Chili/ Wyoming
9.   Shawn Misner / Wructin Chili / Gering
8.   Mike Cox / Maniac Mike's Chili / Scottsbluff
7.   Mike Brunner / Mike's Marvelous / Gering
6.   Sue Wengler & Della Huckfeldt / White Hot Chili /Gering
5.   Laura & Mike Jay / Wildcat Chili / Mitchell
4.   Kyle Haberman / White Knuckle Chili w/beans / Scottsbluff
3.   Cheryl Rupp / Flamingo Greengo Chili / Gering
2.   Andrea Aerison / This Aint' my Daddy's Chili /
1.   Dan Dickinson / Brown Sugar Stew / Gering

10.  Steve Sorok / Horseshoe Chili with a kick/
9.   Bob Ledet / Ghetto / Wyoming
8.   Bob Blackburn / Es Not Too Bad Chili / Mitchell
7.   Sara Hain & Jerry Arnold / Cutters Cowboy Chili /
6.  Mike Jay / Wildcat Chili / Mitchell
5.  Kyle Haberman / White Knuckle Chili / Scottsbluff
4.  Mike Horton / Smokey Top / Omaha
3.  Jeannie Rees / Mom's Revenge / Wyoming
2.  Steven Lee / Warriors Red / Colorado
1.  Cheryl Rupp / Wagon Wheel Chili / Gering

3.  Cutter's Cowboy Chili/WY (Jerry Arnold/Sara Hain)
2.  Warriors of the Crimson Pepper/CO (Steven Lee)
1.  Mom's Chili/NE (Cheryl Rupp/Andy Cook)

Donner's Pass/Greg Rees/Wyoming